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Characteristics of adhesion promoters


The adhesion promoter is a new type of resin based adhesion promoter that has special effects on the anti peeling property of coatings. Adhesion promoters are widely used in various substrates such as chemical fibers, wood, plastics, metals, ceramics, glass, ABS, PVC, and other substrates. They were first developed by Yunqing to significantly improve the adhesion of the film layer to the substrate. It has a wide solubility and can improve the adhesion of various paint systems, such as water-based coatings, water-based inks, printing pastes, UV varnish, PU varnish, plastic paint, and metal baking varnish. It is especially suitable for water-based paints to improve adhesion and toughness.

Performance characteristics

● Can significantly improve the adhesion of resin to various substrates

● Widely used in various paint systems and formulation systems.

● High strength adhesion, adhesive force, and bonding force, which are unmatched by traditional products on the market.

● It can greatly improve the interlayer adhesion between the paint finish and the primer, and significantly improve the moisture resistance, salt spray resistance, and heat resistance of the coating film.

● High adhesion and bonding strength can be obtained with minimal dosage.

● Excellent storage stability and long-term effectiveness within paint and coating systems

1) Physical and chemical indicators

1. Composition free of polysiloxane non ionic compounds

2. Appearance clear liquid

3. Non volatile 78% - 82%

4. Solvent isopropyl alcohol

2) Functional characteristics of adhesion enhancers:

1. Improve adhesion to non ferrous metal surfaces that are difficult to adhere to, such as aluminum, aluminum alloy zinc, stainless steel, and electroplating surfaces

With excellent results.

2. It can improve the ductility and impact resistance of the coating film.

3. High temperature rapid baking does not discolor and does not affect the weather resistance of the coating film.

4. Does not affect the storage stability of the paint.